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Tuna fish

Karmsund Protein AS uses a Management System to ensure we meet the demands and requirements of the authorities, our customers, and our owners. This system helps us achieve and maintain the quality of our products and is compatible with both FEMAS and Marin Trust standards.

By making our visions and goals very clear, we aim to create an innovative work-environment and a company that encourages improvement.

We use the term ‘Environmentally Efficient Fish Proteins’ to underline our commitment to an efficient, environmentally-friendly and sustainable production of fish meal and fish oil.The following measures have been taken throughout the entire supply chain:

  • Focus on sustainable raw materials
    Energy-efficient power sources
  • Guaranteed origin of electric power (100% renewable)
  • Fully automated processing plants
  • High yield factors
  • Use of BAT (Best Available Technology or Best Available Techniques) to ensure any environmental consequences are kept to a minimum
  • Environmentally friendly supply of finished products

Karmsund Protein has an active and reliable HACCP-system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) which guarantees our customers high quality products. This is achieved through a strict adherence to the seven main principles of HACCP:

  • Identify any potential hazards
  • Identify Critical Control Points (CCPs)
  • Determine the critical values for the CCPs
  • Determine procedures for monitoring the CCPs
  • Management of non-conformance issues and corrective measures
  • Evaluation and verification of food hygiene
  • Documentation and event-logging

We ensure the quality of our products by actively managing any deviations from our strict quality control demands. This is achieved through a combination of our HACCP work, a reliable non-conformance system, in-house laboratory testing and a skilled workforce. All our employees have undergone rigorous training courses and have completed documented hygiene and food safety training.

We are committed to running our business in an ethical and morally correct manner, and with a zero tolerance for corruption.

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