Meny Lukk

About us


Karmsund Protein AS produces both fish meal and fish oil at our brand-new production plant, which opened in February 2018.

Karmsund Protein AS is owned by Pelagia AS with 51% of the shares. Husøy Industri Invest AS owns the remaining 49%, and is a company with multiple shareholders which mainly consist of large fishing companies with ample quotas, as well as local maritime industries on the island of Karmøy.

Karmsund Protein AS bases its production on pelagic raw materials such as Blue Whiting, Sand Lance, Norway Pout, Capelin and North Sea Herring.
The production capacity is approximately 1.250 tonnes of raw materials per day.

Karmsund Protein AS employs approximately 24 members of staff.
Karmsund Protein AS is the newest, most modern and energy efficient fish meal and fish oil plant in the world!

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